Severn Bridge Campaign: Kevin Brennan MP has been campaigning to abolish or reduce the toll fee people have to pay when travelling into Wales. Find our more here. (Photo by Synwell, used under the Creative Commons License)
Prison Guitars Campaign: Kevin Brennan MP has been campaigning to overturn the UK Government's ban on guitars in prisons. He wants guitars to be used to aid prisoner rehabilitation and as a reward for good behaviour. Find our more here.
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    A campaign led by Cardiff West MP Kevin Brennan and musician Billy Bragg has successfully overturned the UK Government’s ban on steel-strung guitars in prison cells.

    After months of campaigning and support from the musician’s like Pink Floyd’s Dave Gilmour and The Smiths’ Johnny Marr, the new Prisons Minister Andrew Selous has written to Mr Brennan confirming the change of heart by Ministers.

    The matter was first brought to public attention in early March when Kevin Brennan asked a question in the House of Commons after receiving correspondence from prisoners who were upset they could no longer play their guitars in their cells.

    Billy Bragg, a long time campaigner for guitars in prisons through his Jail Guitar Doors initiative, offered his support and the campaign quickly gathered pace with other musicians and members of the public backing the campaign.

    This resulted in the former Prisons Minister Jeremy Wright agreeing to meet with Kevin, Billy and Sara Lee (as pictured above) from ‘Music in Prisons’ to discuss the subject last month at the Ministry of Justice.

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  2. "The Education Secretary could help less affluent pupils immediately if she reversed her predecessor’s political instruction to Ofqual to end the AS-level link, which research shows helps them to obtain good university places. Will she signal a fresh start by reversing that decision?"
    Kevin Brennan in Education Questions (Hansard Link)

  3. …But Labour’s shadow schools minister Kevin Brennan said it was increasingly clear the policy was ‘a complete shambles’, adding: ‘David Cameron urgently needs to explain to parents why some schools will be forced to fund this commitment out of their own budgets, how this will affect standards at those schools and which children will be missing out in September.’

    Responses to Freedom of Information requests by Mr Brennan reveal that almost a third of councils have not been given enough money by the Government to fund the programme from September…